Lynnville and Sully pet license renewal reminder

Pet license renewal forms were mailed to Lynnville and Sully residents with their January statements and serve as a good reminder to get pets properly licensed.

According to Lynnville City Code, dogs ages three months and older must be licensed by Mar. 1. A $5 fee and proof of vaccinations must be submitted to the city clerk. Failure to license your dog will result in a $250 fine per dog.

The City of Sully’s animal protection and control ordinance requires pet owners to license dogs, cats, and ferrets over six months of age. Owners must provide proof of current rabies vaccination and proof from a licensed veterinarian if the animal has been spayed or neutered. Pet license renewal forms and $10 for each intact animal need to be returned to the city office before Apr. 4 in order to avoid a late fee.

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