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“Have a seat at my table” By Cathryn Dunsbergen

We were buying groceries at HyVee in Newton and Penelope got antsy. We decided to go play outside in their mini "pumpkin patch" while we waited for Blake to check out. It was the perfect picture opportunity.    It’s fall, y’all! I hope everyone is having a safe harvest and enjoying the Friday night lights. Or as...
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Potatoes, anyone? By Deb Johnson

“America’s Famous Potato-Corn-Tire State: Idawahio! So big, you would’ve thought it was three different states.” Recently, I saw a picture of a Raygun T-shirt with these words, along with a picture of the sprawled-out states of Idaho, Iowa, and Ohio all strung together into one very stretched-out, long, and skinny state, and I just laughed out...
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A Slice of Home by Simone Bates


   Willkommen im Herbst. Welcome to Fall. Many of us love this time of year, as the autumn colors ripple across the landscape and the air develops that unmistakable crisp. It’s just cool enough to be a relief after a hot summer, but not too cold that we’re closing ourselves back indoors or...
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From the kitchen: Megan Pothoven

Go-to Crock-Pot recipes from a busy stay-at-home mom

By Megan Pothoven Being a stay-at-home mom is something I never thought I would become. I taught middle school language arts for two years at Interstate-35 Schools, and I was determined that I would be a working mom. However, God pressed it on my heart a few...
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Farm to Table  by Julie Van Manen

Fall Flavors

                Last week found me caught between two seasons – preserving the last of summer flavors and the start of fall with the first day of corn harvest. As I am writing this article, it is too hot for soup yet this week. But, we won’t complain as it is great corn-drying weather!...
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Have a seat at my table, by Cathryn Dunsbergen

Blake and I are in the process of redoing our backyard! We have big dreams to make it a fun place for family and friends to gather; we hope to have a fire pit, grilling station, and a large table for big lunches and dinners.    Labor Day weekend came and went like a blink of an...
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Copycat recipes

By Deb Johnson I look forward to eating out, as most people do – great food, a change of scenery, and no dishes sitting in the sink! There’s always a favorite out there just waiting to be consumed! Some of my favorite recipes I’ve concocted from experiments were inspired by something I ate while dining out....
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