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‘Have a seat at my table’ by Cathryn Dunsbergen

Our first and last day at the beach in Florida, we had extremely clear water. We went paddle boarding the last day and, unfortunately, that was the day I got the most burnt.    May started with enjoying sunshine in Florida, listening to ocean waves, and sipping on an iced, honey-vanilla latte. We had the best time...
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Time to fire up the grill

By Megan Pothoven Now that the warm weather has finally blessed us with its coming, our grill has been much more utilized. I’m always grateful for this because it usually means less cooking for me as I would call my husband, Adam, the grillmaster. He always likes to try different spices on the meat we grill....
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‘A Slice of Home’ by Simone Bates

“You Say Potato …”

                Do you remember this old song? “You say potato, I say…” well, I say potato, too. Everybody does. I tried to find some ostracized hamlet in Scotland that might possibly pronounce it “po-tah-to,” but it turns out “po-tah-to” was made up for the lyrics of the song. Now, the...
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Farm to table by Julie Van Manen

April showers bring May flowers

                April showers bring May flowers! (I am not sure what the wind brings!) It is hard to believe that May is a few days away! As of the writing of this article, not much planting has been done. The first sweet corn is in the ground. When I...
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‘Have a seat at my table’ By Cathryn Dunsbergen

April has been a wild month. Between the crazy weather and having meetings to attend, I’m excited to say that at the end of this month we are taking a small vacation. Wahoo!   [caption id="attachment_7074684" align="alignleft" width="298"] Penelope wasn't a big fan of the Easter Bunny, if you can't...
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Spring break food inspiration

By Megan Pothoven Spring is here! To kick off our spring, Hayden and I went on a Spring Break trip down south with my parents and siblings. Our first stop was to Gulf Shores, AL, where we got to see some of the most beautiful white sandy beaches. Hayden had a blast digging in the sand...
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‘A Slice of Home’ By Simone Bates

Icing on the Cake

This past month was full of celebration in our family!

My dad turned 70, and then a few days later, our son turned one. My mind is still spinning at how quickly Liam’s first year has gone (has it been that long since I slept through the...

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