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The DeeZee Spirit by Darrell Zegers, July 29, 2021

Our Dad took off for a last-minute motorcycle ride (watch out, world!) and left this week’s article to his darling daughters. You know you are a daughter of Darrell Zegers if:
  • You were put on a minibike before your legs were long enough (or strong enough) to hold it up.
  • You woke up for weeks with...
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The DeeZee Spirit by Darrell Zegers, July 22, 2021

Not much excitement going on this week, other than I’m still living with four cats, one dog, two daughters, and a granddaughter. This past weekend, they all left for a few days except for the animals. They gave the animals food and water for three days because I said I would not take care of the...
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Conover’s creative flair helps photography business flourish

  By LeAnn Hjelmeland The creative talents of McKinley Conover have taken her photography from a high school hobby to a full-time gig for the recent college graduate. As owner of McKinley Rayne Photography, McKinley has become an in-demand photographer in the area due to the distinct and stunning photos she is able to capture with a camera. McKinley...
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The DeeZee Spirit by Darrell Zegers, July 15, 2021

  I spent most of my life sitting behind the steering wheel of a semi-truck. I listened to and talked on a CB radio a lot of years. Everyone had a code name (or handle). Mine was Happy Hooker because of my big nose with a bump or crook on it. Another man from here worked for the same company...
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‘It made a man out of me,’ Mel Goodyk, U.S Air Force, 1967-75

Goodyk grateful for years as Air Force crew chief By LeAnn Hjelmeland Fifty-four years ago, Melvin (Mel) Goodyk was 18 years old and fresh out of high school. He made the decision to enlist in the U.S. Air Force and would end up serving our country for eight years. It’s a time he looks back on fondly...
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The DeeZee Spirit by Darrell Zegers, July 8, 2021

  Not much exciting happening lately. It’s hotter than heck, but everyone is aware of that. There are daughters and granddaughters and their animals still living with me. In fact, we gained a cat. There are now four cats and a dog. I wrote before about the kitten they found that was injured, and they had the vet...
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