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The DeeZee Spirit By Darrell Zegers (from his book “The Best of DZ”)

Better Stay on the Road Last winter, the freight company I drive for celebrated its 25th year in business, and the bosses took the 10 drivers with the most seniority and their wives to the Bahamas - something they probably never will try again. These men, even though they had driven hundreds of thousands of miles, had...
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The DeeZee Spirit By Darrell Zegers (from his book “The Best of DZ”

Not Even a Mouse

                I shouldn’t say I didn’t have any education past the third grade, but after that, I didn’t pay any attention. Even at that, I, like a lot of people, thought I was fairly smart. After all, at one time or another, I’ve outsmarted law officers, school teachers, my children,...
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From the archives: DeeZee Spirit

(Written April 2009) This is just a story about the Working Man and how he battles to keep his head above financial water. We’ll call him W.M. The W.M. works two jobs to make $50,000 a year. He goes home with $32,500.00 after taxes, insurance, and of course his very lucrative 401K! His property tax is $2,000.00...
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From the archives: The DeeZee Spirit, Sept. 2009

(Written September 2009) There is a lot more life behind me than there is to look forward to. I have spent the last 45-plus years looking through a windshield. I started driving a semi when I was 17 years old. I've never done anything else for a living. My dad owned a truck repair shop and...
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The DeeZee Spirit by Darrell Zegers, Jan. 27, 2022

Semi-retired editor’s note: I always thought it might happen, but not in a letter addressed to me before I completely retired. “You have probably looked forward to getting this note for a long time. I’m done embarrassing you by writing stupid stuff for the paper,” said the letter signed DZ that I received Tuesday morning. That...
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