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Van Sant Family’s Legacy of Military Service

                Visit the Jasper County Freedom Rock on the Sully square, and you can find pavers honoring hundreds of military men and women who have served and sacrificed for the United States. Worth noting is the biggest section of pavers dedicated to one family – the Van Sants of the Sully area.


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Taylor takes on climb of a lifetime

Over the past year, Randy Taylor of Galesburg has been experiencing one of the toughest, yet most rewarding climbs of his 69-year-old life. Since Mar. 13, 2019, he’s faced several “mountains,” been defeated, strengthened, and motivated by the rocky climb, and sat victorious at the peak of the mountain in more ways than one. Locals know...
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Nikkel helps friend start homes for abandoned, homeless, starving kids

By LeAnn Hjelmeland Rural Sully resident Cheryl Nikkel has seen some very sad living conditions throughout the many mission trips she has taken over the years, particularly to Haiti. But perhaps the worst conditions she has ever seen are in the dumps of India. The people who live in the dumps, surrounded by literal garbage, search through...
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The DeeZee Spirit by Darrell Zegers Feb. 27, 2020

I get together with a farmer friend of mine in his cabin in the timber north of town. Now and then, two or three more old geezers show up. The “bull” gets to flying around so fast it’s a wonder the windows don’t blow out. When they all show up, there are two truck drivers, two men...
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Local churches team up to provide tornado relief in Mississippi

Eleven volunteers representing three area churches left on the cold and dark morning of Saturday, Feb. 8, headed for their destination of Meridian, MS, a city where people are still dealing with the aftermath of damage left by tornadoes and flooding from two years ago. The volunteers who participated in this week-long mission trip are...
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The DeeZee Spirit by Darrell Zegers Feb. 20, 2020

I spent decades looking through a windshield and thought of myself as a pretty good driver. Maybe I wasn’t as good a driver as I thought. Now that I’m a geezer, I’m a terrible driver. I don’t hardly dare to ride with myself. Last weekend, I went to Grinnell early in the morning for breakfast with a...
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Zegers gains solid reputation, lifelong friends in the service

A few weeks ago, Bill Zegers of Newton was working on an antique John Deere tractor for a customer from Maryland, which isn’t very unusual in itself until you realize that Zegers is 93 years old. His reputation of skill and knowledge of John Deere equipment has spread far and wide, due to being a...
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