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National Almond Day February 16

The health benefits of delicious little almonds have been known for centuries. According to, almond trees were being cultivated and blossoming in the lands around the Mediterranean Sea before 4000 B.C. Almonds are even mentioned in the Bible, cited in Genesis 43:11, where Jacob instructs his sons to go to Egypt to buy grain from their...

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                This week’s featured cook is Kendra Van Wyk. Kendra grew up in Marion and graduated from Linn-Mar High School and the University of Northern Iowa with a degree in marketing. Kendra is married to Cale Van Wyk. He grew up in Sully and graduated from Lynnville-Sully High School and the University of...

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Thelma & Bonnie’s Have a Seat at My Table

Hello there, I’m Cathryn Dunsbergen. I am so excited to be part of the Hometown Press Team! I’m looking forward to sharing recipes, tips to make your house a home, personal stories, and more!

                You may be thinking, why Thelma & Bonnie’s? Well friends, Thelma was my great-grandma and Bonnie is my...

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Farm to Table: Winter is here!

As I write this article, most of the state of Iowa has been placed under a Winter Storm Warning. On the farm, preparations for such an event have taken place. Cattle have been given extra bedding and panels have been placed on one barn. The wind that is predicted to follow is not fun on the...

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The Wooden Spoon: For the Love of Food

Ever since I turned 30, some many moons ago, and each and every day since that, I wake up, and I is sore, I is tired, I isn't 20 anymore. Did I mention I hurt? Because I do. And that I'm tired, and because I'm tired, meal planning and any sort of planning takes the brunt...

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