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Press INKlings – Mar. 6

Readers are what newspapers need and readers who are also subscribers are even better. Last week, I was quite happy, or maybe elated, to learn this column has readers and even readers that react to what they read. Last Thursday, an issue of this newspaper came out just like every other Thursday for over four years...
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Agricultural Insights by Marshall Hay – Mar. 6

Iowa may be recognized for its rolling prairies that support bountiful cropland, but its bordering woodland areas can be quite picturesque and bring a lot of beauty and function. Trees silenced by winter dormancy will soon begin leaf shoot initiation with the onset of spring. However, 2014 could bring a huge challenge for a particular...
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From the Desk of Shane Ehresman

One of the most difficult and confusing elements of school funding is how Iowa law restricts the ways K-12 public schools can use various funding sources. Simply put, if we have a shortage in one area of the budget, we cannot use other funds available to the district to offset such a shortage unless specifically...
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The DeeZee Spirit by Darrell Zegers – Mar. 6

I would certainly think that the below-zero temperatures are over, but they have done a bit of damage to me already. Just last week, I had to take a diesel pickup and trailer to Chicago to move my daughter out of an apartment. I borrowed the pickup from my Uncle Bill. It is near new and a...
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Arrest made in 31-year-old Jasper County double homicide

On Mar. 3, 1983, at approximately 8 a.m., the Jasper County Sheriff’s Office was contacted about the discovery of two deceased people at the Copper Dollar Ranch northwest of Newton. Responding deputies located one male and one female deceased on the property. The male was identified as 20-year-old Steven Fisher and the female was identified...
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First State Bank announces acquisition of Patriot Bank

First State Bank and Patriot Bank are proud to jointly announce their entry into a definitive agreement under which First State Bank will acquire Patriot Bank. The transaction will create a strong partnership bringing together two compatible organizations. This acquisition will increase the level of resources available to provide opportunities for expanded services, as well as...
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