Kathy Gertsma, 72

Kathy Gertsma, 72, of Vallejo, CA, passed away Sept. 4, 2020, at her home. She was the daughter of Merlyn and Sherry Gertsma. From an early age, Kathy lived with her grandparents, Dora and Andrew Gertsma in Sully. She attended Lynnville-Sully Schools until her senior year, when she went to Forest View High School in Illinois. After graduation, Kathy attended the University of Iowa. Later after a short stay in Texas, she moved to California with her sisters Linda and Judy. She then became a very successful businesswoman designing and marketing beauty salon products. Kathy was married and divorced, and lived in Washington and California most of her adult life.

She was preceded in death by her mother, her father, her sister Judy, and her half-sister Dori. She is survived by her sister Linda, her half-sister Teresa, and her stepmother Virginia Gertsma.

Kathy made many friends during her lifetime. Kathy was loved so much by her grandparents, Dora and Andrew, and by her aunt and uncle, Ruth and Orval Vander Wilt, as well as by Ruth and Orval's children: Philip, Martha, Charlotte, Chas, and Mary Ellen. She enjoyed many friends in Sully, from school and Sully Community Church. She enjoyed a happy childhood in Sully and always loved the hometown memories. She will be interred in Sausalito, CA.

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