Sully United Fund Drive underway

The Sully United Fund mail campaign is underway to collect funds for the organizations listed in the mailing sent last week. The Sully United Fund is operated by the local Sully Lions Club and is not a part of the United Way of Jasper County or any other organization. It is locally controlled and as a result, the funds collected (after postage and printing costs) are distributed and used to help these organizations. One of the local community projects to be included in the fund division is the beautification of the alley between the restaurant and the dentist/chiropractor/CPA office on the south side of the Sully square, which is underway. If you wish to earmark your contribution for the alley project or any specific organization on the list in the letter, please feel free to do so, otherwise it will be divided equally. Please make your contribution by Nov. 15.

The Sully United Fund Committee this year is Marv Goodyk, Charles James, Don Musgrove, and Fred Schmidt.

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