Senator Grassley visits Co-Line’s Jasper County building as part of 99-county tour

Co-Line co-owner Eric Brand (second from right) gives a tour of the Jasper building to State Senator Ken Rozenboom, U.S. Senator Charles Grassley, and State Representative Jon Dunwell on Tuesday, Aug. 15. Co-Line was the Jasper County stop for Grassley on his annual tour of 99 counties.


United States Senator Charles Grassley toured Co-Line Welding’s north Jasper County building on Tuesday, Aug. 15, as part of his annual 99-county tour. The tour was one of eight tours over two days as the senator from Iowa wraps up his county tours for the year.

Grassley was led on a tour of the new facility that sits in Jasper County, directly north of the rest of the company’s grounds. Co-owner Eric Brand showed Senator Grassley, State Senator Ken Rozenboom, and State Representative Jon Dunwell the production Co-Line does with TrafFix Devices, assembling road safety instruments. Production began in the Jasper building May 1.

“I’m familiar with the work TrafFix does, but this is new to see,” said Grassley. “I don’t think we brag enough about Iowa - you’ve got to actually come here to see what we’re doing. It’s great what you’re doing here in Jasper County.”

Senator Grassley meets with Co-Line owners Faye and Eric Brand, Tana and Dale Brand, and representatives from TrafFix.

Grassley’s hour-long Co-Line visit ended with a meet and greet with company employees, county and state representatives, and a question-and-answer session, where he answered questions on manufacturing, balancing the federal budget, the downgrading of America’s credit rating, the conflict in Ukraine, Hunter and Joe Biden’s business dealings, and potential consequences of proposals made by the Environmental Protection Agency.

At the end of the tour, founding co-owner Dale Brand thanked Senator Grassley, and local and state officials for the work they do to help family companies like Co-Line.

“This is the best place in the world to do business. Thank you for fighting for us,” said Brand.

Senator Grassley mingles with Co-Line employees before starting the tour of the Jasper building on Tuesday, Aug. 15.

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