Band of Brothers bond over good fellowship, good food

The trifecta of good friends, fellowship, and food made for a perfect night for 30 men who attended Band of Brothers’ community event on Saturday, Jan. 16, at Heart of Worship Church in Lynnville.

Band of Brothers is a group of men dedicated to serving the Lord and their communities. Their January gathering featured a chili and cinnamon roll supper. The group recruited friend and former L-S teacher and coach, Emory Stewart of Oskaloosa, to be the guest speaker.

Stewart’s message to the group focused on godly men being even more godly. He encouraged the men in attendance to step up to the plate and do what needs to be done.

Emory Stewart, former Lynnville-Sully teacher and coach on the far right, speaks to the men at the Jan. 16 Band of Brothers event about stepping up to the plate as godly men.

Randy Taylor, a lead organizer for Band of Brothers, said that of the 30 people in attendance, about half of them were from the community. “We were really pleased with that,” said Taylor. He also notes a couple of Stewart’s former players were in attendance.

Taylor gives credit to Band of Brothers members Gordon Yarrington of Sully, Roy James of Lynnville, and Aaron McCaslen of Montezuma for providing the chili and cinnamon rolls.

Band of Brothers, which reorganized in 2020, organizes regular events for all men in the community, young and old, to enjoy and participate in. Preliminary plans for their next event, a pinewood derby featuring Vern Hartgers’ famous homemade cars, will be taking place this spring. Taylor said a trial run was held at a local nursing home with the pinewood racer track Hartgers built. “The residents there had a blast. They painted their cars with Magic Markers and raced them that night,” said Taylor. “The event was something different for the residents. Who knew a little car made out of a block of wood would bring so much joy!”

Band of Brothers plans to host a similar pinewood derby event, likely at Heart of Worship Church in Lynnville, this spring for all of the youth in the community.

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