Local artist Kaylee Maasdam continues to make her mark

Kaylee Maasdam recently finished a mural on the facade of 1st State Bank’s New Sharon branch, perfectly capturing the small town’s charm.

 When 1st State Bank opened its branch in New Sharon in January 2021, president Steve Russell and others knew they wanted to spruce up the facade. New paint and signage went up right away, but an exterior space just south of the Main Street entrance remained blank, just waiting for the right piece of artwork.

“We wanted something that would encompass the whole community. We did a bit of research about the town through the New Sharon Area Historical Society and questioned area residents to get ideas. Then, we approached Kaylee Maasdam,” stated branch manager, Bev Arthur.

Maasdam has been commissioned to do several art projects and murals in the local communities, and 1st State Bank leadership knew her artwork would capture New Sharon’s charm.

Maasdam worked with the bank on a few drafts before finally settling on a postage stamp mural, taking inspiration from something she had seen on Pinterest.

“I collaborated with Bev often to decide what we would put in the stamps. I found lots of reference photos on Pinterest and took my own when I was in New Sharon. For the water tower, I was able to simply turn around,” said Maasdam. “I did a rough sketch and got to work as soon as my schedule allowed.”

The red mural is filled with postage stamps of New Sharon’s gems, including the park’s gazebo, the Warhawk emblem, ice cream treats, and a nod to the Capri Theater.

Maasdam worked on the mural throughout August and it took her about 60 hours to complete.

To find out more about Maasdam’s artwork, follow her on Instagram @kayleemaasdam, or go to her website kayleemaasdam.wixsite.com/artist.

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