La Rose Marie adds fresh flowers to sweets and style in downtown Sully bakery and boutique

When Karli Nikkel opened a bakery on the south side of the Sully square in 2017, she never imagined La Rose Marie Bakery would expand so quickly, offering fashionable apparel and now fresh flowers, in addition to her sweet treats just four short years later.

On Monday, Aug. 31, La Rose Marie Bakery and Boutique added another element to their charming arsenal of goods – fresh flowers. A partnership with Montezuma Floral now means area residents may purchase floral arrangements at very reasonable prices. The arrangements are beautifully arranged with bold and seasonal colors, and best of all, they are affordable.

Fall mums line the entrance to La Rose Marie Bakery and Boutique and can be purchased at the store, along with other fresh-cut flowers from Montezuma Floral and More.

“We are so impressed with the prices and the quality!” said Nikkel of the floral selection now available in Sully. “We feel they are twice the quality, half the price.”

Nikkel was approached by Jennifer Schuur, owner of Montezuma Floral, about placing a cooler with fresh flowers in her Sully business. Nikkel thought it was a perfect fit, and customers agree.

“We never imagined that we would have a boutique or floral arrangements when we first opened the bakery,” said Nikkel. “It all has fallen into place and seems to be the perfect fit for us.”

Every week, Montezuma Floral plans to deliver fresh floral arrangements and fill the flower cooler located along the west wall of the bakery. If needed, mid-week restocks will be made. Custom orders are also possible by placing an order at La Rose Marie Bakery and Boutique, and the order will then be communicated to Montezuma Floral. Delivery of custom orders is available for a $5 fee, with delivery being free for funerals. Free pick up at La Rose Marie Bakery and Boutique is always an option.

La Rose Marie Bakery and Boutique’s partnership with Montezuma Floral has the potential to reach beyond the in-store offerings. The two businesses are both heavily involved in the wedding industry and are open to joining forces when it comes to helping couples plan for their special day. Nikkel said they have also started the conversation about offering prom flowers in the spring, but that conversation is still in the initial stages.

Nikkel made her mark on the community when she opened the bakery four years ago. La Rose Marie Bakery quickly became the gathering place for people craving delicious cupcakes, cookies, bars, and more. The bakery’s growing selection of specialty coffees and energy drinks also filled a niche and draws a steady crowd of loyal customers. In October of 2020, Nikkel along her family business partners – parents John and Julie Roozeboom and sister Katelyn Doane – added boutique products in the east side of the store. The addition of fashionable apparel for women and children, accessories, shoes, home decor, and more was a perfect fit in the quaint and cozy shop. Now with the addition of fresh floral arrangements, La Rose Marie Bakery and Boutique is a one-stop shop for anyone looking for a quiet shopping experience accompanied by a sweet treat, right in the heart of the community.

Montezuma Floral and More is located on Main Street in Montezuma, where Schuur offers full floral service, as well as sells beds, furniture, wine, and consignments.

La Rose Marie Bakery and Boutique located at 620 4th Street in Sully is not Montezuma Floral’s only partner business. In addition to offering fresh flowers in Sully, they also have a storefront in Montezuma called Montezuma Floral and More. Their main location includes a full-service flower and gift shop where they carry wine from Van Wijk Winery and Soldier Creek Winery, and sell new beds and recliners. The business’s antique and consignment shop, also located in Montezuma, carries a wide range of products from 25 different vendors. Montezuma Floral also has a floral cooler located in the Community of Flags Store in Brooklyn.

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