L-S Community Service Day

Every Lynnville-Sully K-12 student and staff member joined forces and rolled up their sleeves for the sixth annual Community Service Day on Thursday, Apr. 17. The student body and staff members split up into groups and were sent to locations all over the local community and beyond – Sully, Lynnville, Killduff, Galesburg, Searsboro, Prairie City, and Grinnell – where they worked together to make a difference for the people and communities they served.

“There is a time and attention-to-detail investment in planning and organizing Community Service Day, but it is so rewarding to bring so many people together to accomplish so much in a few short hours,” said Gelene Evans, family and consumer sciences teacher and coordinator of Community Service Day. A wide range of projects were completed during Community Service Day, including landscape work, trash pick up, general cleaning, painting, band performances, and much, much more. Each project helped instill the values of teamwork, responsibility to the community, and altruism in the students.

At the end of the day, all students and staff members gathered in the gym for a slideshow presentation featuring pictures taken throughout the day of serving others in the community. Everyone involved left the school for the start of spring break with feelings of accomplishment and enhanced awareness of the difference they can make within the community.

Evans expresses her sincere appreciation to everyone involved, “students and staff – a most gracious and sincere thank you to you for all your work on Community Service Day last week Thursday. There was a great spirit and super effort to give back to the community.”

Click to view a photo album from the L-S Community Service Day.

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