Hometown Press launches new website

The Hometown Press is excited to announce the launch of its website, www.hometownpressia.com. Throughout the newspaper’s four-plus years of serving the area, the Hometown Press staff members have received numerous requests for online access to the paper. Well, you asked, we listened, and we’re thrilled to bring our paper into the digital realm.

Our goal is to provide our readers with an easy and quick way to access our award-winning newspaper wherever they’re at in this tech-savvy world.

We encourage you, our readers, to check out the new site and its features. The site is full of news, sports, and community stories and also offers access to our e-edition so you can read the “Hometown Press” wherever you have Internet access. The site will also feature photo galleries, which will contain pictures from community events, including photos we don’t have room for in our print edition.

For the convenience of our readers, marketplace ads and community announcements, such as births, anniversaries, engagements, and weddings, can now be submitted through forms on our website. Of course, if you’d rather, you can still submit these items via a phone call, email, or visit to the Hometown Press in Sully.

To our advertisers, the website is an additional place for you to reach Hometown Press readers. In January, if you chose to run a half-page ad or larger in our print edition, not only is that ad half price, but you also get a free banner ad at the top of the “Hometown Press” website. Please contact Julie Walker at julie@hometownpressia.com with questions.

To protect the value of our content, full access to our website and the e-edition is only available for those who choose either our online-only subscription option or our online-and-print subscription option. Current print subscribers can try out our website for free for 30 days if they visit the site and sign up for the trial period. Non-subscribers can sign up for a free seven-day trial.

The purchase or a renewal of a subscription can now be done on the Hometown Press website by clicking the “Subscribe” button at the top left corner of the webpage. With the addition of the website, the “Hometown Press” subscription rates will now be as follows:

Options:                                    In State              Out Of State

One-Year (print only)                $30                      $35 (no change)

Two-Year (print only)               $50                       $60 (no change)

One-Year (print & online)        $40                       $45

Two-Year (print & online)       $70                        $80

One-Year (online only)             $30                       $30

Two-Year (online only)            $50                        $50


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