Former Sully resident fuels battle against brain cancer with God’s strength, community support, and prayers

Feature photo: Former Sully resident and Coffee Cup Cafe owner Darin Morvant is undergoing treatment for glioblastoma, a rare and aggressive form of brain cancer. 


By Megan Pothoven

Small communities stick together. You hear about it all the time. It’s a heartwarming story, but it hits home when it’s one of your own. Darin Morvant, long-time resident and former business owner of Sully was recently diagnosed with glioblastoma, a rare and aggressive form of brain cancer, found in the fourth stage. On Mar. 9, he had 95% of the tumor surgically removed. Since Apr. 1, he has undergone radiation treatments five days a week and taken a chemotherapy pill seven days a week to attempt to treat the 5% of the cancer that was unable to be removed surgically. Darin is willing to try anything to fight this cancer, even holistic remedies. Lately, they have been reminded of Jesus’ birth and the gifts the three wise men gave him, one of them Frankincense, also known as “liquid gold.” He said it must be an impressive solution if it’s good enough for Jesus, so he will be giving this natural antidote a try. He will be finished with treatments on May 12 and follow up with MRIs to evaluate the treatment’s effectiveness.

Darin and his wife, Robin, lived in Sully most of their married life, raising their three sons, Travis, Bayley, and Maximus here. In 2004, the Morvants purchased the beloved Coffee Cup Cafe and ran the business until 2017. All three boys attended Lynnville-Sully School, and the family was active in Sully Community Church. Since then, they have moved to Arkansas where Darin is a cement truck driver for a concrete company, and Robin works for the state of Arkansas. Robin grew up in Sully and the Morvants still come to Sully regularly to visit family.

Growing up, his sons have also told Darin he was strong and called him the “Strongest Morvant.”

He has exemplified strength throughout the hardships of his life and modeled that to his family, showing them how to endure and push through. They are using the catchphrase “#StrongestMorvant” to fuel their battle against cancer. One of their comforts during this difficult time has been passages from the Bible and its comforting words reminding them their Savior, Jesus, is in control of all things and He is their strength.

With May being Brain Cancer Awareness Month, the community is fundraising to support Darin and his fight with cancer by selling T-shirts for $20, with a portion of the proceeds going to the Morvant family. The shirts are black heather and feature the Bible verse Psalm 16:8, a passage representing the strength from the Lord. Also on the front is a tiki head to symbolize the family’s love for Hawaii. On the back, it headlines the phrase #StrongestMorvant. The shirts come in youth and adult sizes. If you would like a T-shirt, please text Alison Agan at 515-669-0692. Cash and check can be dropped off with Alison at Allycuts or mailed to 1104 5th Street, Sully, IA 50251. Venmo may also be accepted and paid to @AlisonAgan. Orders are due on May 10. Consider supporting the Morvants and showing who is the #StrongestMorvant.

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