The DeeZee Spirit by Darrell Zegers – 1/7/16

The Iowa Hawkeye game at the Rose Bowl was terribly disappointing to the Hawkeye fans.

The game started. In seven seconds, we were behind seven points. We Hawkeye fans should have cheered very loudly then because that was the closest the score would get.

I was with a group of men who were watching the game and quickly became bored and disappointed. We began to kick ideas around the table. Surely five or six of the most sarcastic minds in the county could come up with some smart-aleck show.

The lumbering beast that crawls around town with a large chrome stack up each side came to mind.

The wheels in the minds of the entire group that seldom move were spinning. In about 10 minutes, we all agreed on one ridiculous stunt.

Barry De Jong and I had talked about driving the stack mobile to California so those people could see it. But we waited too long. We figured up the miles, our cruising speed and breakdowns, and realized we would have had to have left on Thanksgiving to make it.

We decided to park the stack mobile in a safe place. We fired up the stacks, and huge propane flames came out of them. We all had sticks with hotdogs on the end and roasted them over the pipes. The old car is black and has gold Hawkeye signs painted on it.

When the show was finally over, we were hungry and ate the propane-roasted hotdogs. They had a strange taste, but nobody died.

(The actual show can be seen on YouTube under “Hawkeye Poor Boy.”)

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