Denny Zylstra Benefit October 4

Plan on attending a Soup Supper on Saturday, Oct. 4, from 5-8 p.m. in the Lynnville Bank Basement (an elevator is available). Soups, relishes, desserts, and drinks will be served for a freewill donation. Please make checks payable to Denny Zylstra Benefit. If you are unable to attend and would like to make a donation, please contact Jane Vander Weerdt with the Missions Committee from Lynnville Friends Church, 641-780-6231.

Approximately 40 years ago, Zylstra needed a blood transfusion due to his hemophilia (low clotting blood). With this transfusion, he contracted Hepatitis C. At that time, blood was not tested for hepatitis as little was known about it. Zylstra was unaware for many years that he had hepatitis C, as it is sometimes asymptomatic in the earlier stages.

Zylstra has always been known for his hard-work ethic and generosity. He tried a treatment in the past which had a lower success rate, and he couldn’t complete it due to the cost and tests showed the treatment was not working. Since then, Hepatitis C has taken its toll on him physically and mentally, and his health has tremendously deteriorated. He has gone from the hard-working man to a man who barely has enough energy to get out of his chair some days. He gets nauseous and pukes by riding in a car and dizzy just by doing household chores. When able, he spends time in his garage building bird houses and bird feeders. He has no appetite and barely eats anything, except malts.

Due to medications and lack of nutrition, his teeth are rotting. Zylstra was hoping to get some dentures but it’s not looking good where insurance is concerned. Basically, his quality of life is low, and he fights with depression, which is another symptom of Hepatitis C.

Recently, there has been a new treatment for Hepatitis C, and the success rate is very high. This treatment has been nicknamed, “slaying the dragon.” Zylstra has been approved for this 12-week treatment, which he started on Sept. 10. His spirits are higher than they have been in years, and he is very optimistic. Treatment will have its good and bad days. One day, he may sleep all day, and the next, he may have more energy than he has had in years (Dot, his wife, is hoping for a lot of the energy). He has had some abdominal pain and headaches, which are common symptoms with the treatment.

Zylstra and his family are praying to cure this disease so he can lead a long, prosperous life and spend quality time with his kids and grandkids. A special thanks from the family for all the continued prayers for him. “Slay the dragon!”

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