Jasper Community Foundation awards $97,000 to non-profit organizations

Dan Skokan, president of the Jasper Community Foundation, presents a check for $5,000 to Marilyn Van Soelen who represented the Lynnville Historical Society at the grant presentation. The money will assist in the efforts to repair a retaining wall for the non-profit organization.


Five local non-profits are among the 19 organizations awarded grants to improve the quality of life for Jasper County citizens

Nineteen non-profit organizations working to better the lives of Jasper County residents recently received a boost in the form of grants from the Jasper Community Foundation. Dan Skokan, president of Jasper Community Foundation, announced the Foundation awarded $97,000 in grants this year.

Brenda Denmark, center, accepts a $5,000 check from San Skokan, left, and Rob Kahn, right, for the Diamond Trail Children's Center to replace an accordion door in the childcare facility.

Each year, the Foundation makes great effort to provide financial support to a variety of programs  and services that will impact the citizens of Jasper County. This year, the Foundation received 26 applicants whose grant proposals were reviewed by the Jasper Community Foundation Board. The Board’s criteria for designating grant money in part focuses on organizations that will have the most impact on as many people as possible. The grants, ranging from $900-$10,000, were awarded to develop or enhance a wide range of educational, civic, and public innovative programs and purposes that address needs or issues within Jasper County.

“Our whole concepts is we are for Jasper County,” said Skokan. “The more diverse group of applicants we receive, the better chance there is that these funds will reach more programs in Jasper County, to benefit a greater number of residents. These grant funds provide an excellent opportunity to address important needs in our communities and to improve the overall quality of life for our residents.”

JCF Board Member Rob Kahn, left, and JCF President Dan Skokan, right, present a check of $1,275 to Denise White-Staecker for Lynnville Heart of Worship's Pay It Forward Clothes Closet.

Five local organizations were among the 19 awarded grants. Diamond Trail Children’s Center, Friends of the Library, Lynnville Historical Society, Lynnville Heart of Worship’s Pay It Forward Clothes Closet, and Lynnville-Sully Community Education Foundation were given grant money to help improve the lives of the Jasper County residents they serve.

The Lynnville Historical Society and Diamond Trail Children’s Center both received $5,000. The Lynnville Historical Society will use the funds to repair a retaining wall while the DTCC plans to replace an accordion door that provides separation within their facility.

Lynnville Heart of Worship’s Pay It Forward Clothes Closet will use the $1,275 they received to purchase needed supplies to improve the volunteer and shopping experience at the clothes closet. Updates made possible by the grant money include an outdoor light, dehumidifier, several clothing racks, fans, a utility wagon to aid in moving clothes, a printer, and a laminator.

Lynnville-Sully Community Education Foundation Director Kura Smith holds a $900 check from Jasper Community Foundation, which will be used to purchase iPad stands.

Friends of the Library will use the $1,150.98 they received to purchase popcorn and hot dog machines. The Lynnville-Sully Community Education Foundation requested and received $900, which they will use to purchase 30 iPad stands for every K-8 classroom.

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