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The DeeZee Spirit by Darrell Zegers – 5/29/14

Facebook has become very popular in a lot of homes and can be found on smart phones, which I don’t carry for obvious reasons (NOT SMART). My daughters got me going on Facebook a few years ago when I was house-bound recuperating from back surgery. I got in quite a bit of trouble at first because I...
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Advertising specialist, accountant, summer intern join newspaper staff

The Hometown Press is pleased to welcome two part-time employees and one summer intern to the staff. JAN CONOVER Jan Conover handles accounting for the Hometown Press. She began working at the paper in February and was previously employed at Rees Lease Inc. in Sully for 23 years. She has also farmed for the past 38 years. [caption...
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Joel Jansen receives Friend of the School inaugural award

L-S alum Joel Jansen has worked tirelessly over the past five months as chairperson of the new track fundraising committee to raise over $215,000 for the new all-weather track to be completed this summer. His leadership and commitment led school officials to nominate Jansen for the school’s first Friend of the School Award.
Photo above: Bob...
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The Wooden Spoon by Shelly Rankin – 5/22/14

“Now this is the cheese filling, and this is the sauce. Absolute delishness.” Oh, hi there! So sorry, I’ll turn the tube off now. I got sucked into “The Pioneer Woman” on “Food Network!” She’s making individual lasagna rolls, garlic bread, and waffles. Are you all as hungry as I am now? I best go grab...
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