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Hometown Press launches new website

The Hometown Press is excited to announce the launch of its website, Throughout the newspaper’s four-plus years of serving the area, the Hometown Press staff members have received numerous requests for online access to the paper. Well, you asked, we listened, and we’re thrilled to bring our paper into the digital realm. Our goal is...
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Sully 1st Street funding offer was in error

Wednesday, Dec. 18, Sully Mayor-elect Brent Vander Molen, Sully City Engineer Brad Uitermarkt, and Sully Mayor Gordon Yarrington met with Jasper County Engineer Russ Stutt and County Supervisor Denny Stevenson about resurfacing 1st Street (the main highway through town) in Sully with CIRTPA Funding. During this meeting, it was found out that cities that are...
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Propane AutoGas to be available in Sully in early 2014

As well as being a favorite for grillers and outdoor entertainers, propane has also served as an alternative to natural gas for heating homes in rural areas. And since the approval of propane as a clean alternative fuel by the Environmental Protection Agency, new markets for propane have begun to open up across the country. Read more

Jingle Bell Rock 2 draws hundreds to Sully despite frigid conditions

Jingle Bell Rock 2 was held Saturday night, Dec. 7, with a bitter 15 degree temperature, completely opposite of last year's unseasonably warm evening. But there wasn't any snow or wind and many were in Sully for the event, organized by the Lynnville-Sully Music and Drama Boosters who were raising funds for the spring 2014...
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‘The rock is comin’ to town’

It will soon be time for “Santa Claus Is Comin’ to Town” but on Monday, Dec. 2, it was “The Rock Is Comin’ to Town.” The 7’x9’x10’ rock from the Glenn and Thelma Vanderpol farm about two miles south of Sully was moved to the Sully Central Park to be painted as the Freedom Rock...
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