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The Wooden Spoon by Shelly Rankin – 6/26/14

With all the endless food choices out there from MSG to whole wheat pasta to almond milk, I found this funny I must share with you all. How true?! Did I really just call MSG a food choice? [caption id="attachment_59079" align="alignright" width="278"]I found this funny I must share with you all. Read more

Remember When – 6/26/14

35 years ago (1979) Bill and Emily Dieleman of Pella became the new owners of the Diamond Trail News. Dieleman succeeded David Aust of Prairie City. Dave and his wife, Pat, owned the DTN for nearly four years. The Austs moved to North Dakota in the fall. The DTN staff stayed the same: Margaret Vander Weerdt,...
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The Wooden Spoon by Shelly Rankin – 6/19/14

I hope Father’s Day found all you fathers out there doing well! Ours was filled by the sounds of “Waaaaahh” followed by a “sluuurrrrp, glug, glug” followed by the soothing sound of crickets. Oh, what I mean to say is this house is either filled with crying or sleeping. This home’s latest theme song -...
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The Wooden Spoon by Shelly Rankin – 6/12/14

Well, hello there once again! It’s been another crazy week of this and that, so much so that this column got shoved to the side, unfortunately! To say it’s finally nice to be sitting at your table with you to take a load off and unwind a bit is an understatement. Phew. We made it...
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Couple married in 1949 celebrates 65 years together

On a bright sunny day in 1949, at 2:00 in the afternoon, a young couple gathered together to exchange their wedding vows. Sixty-five years later, on June 12, 2014, Dwight and Beverly Thompson will celebrate their 65th wedding anniversary. Dwight and Beverly, currently of New Sharon, met when they were young when Dwight would help his...
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The Wooden Spoon by Shelly Rankin – 6/5/14

So it’s Sunday, and I’m just now sitting down to write this. I love Sundays. They make our hearts happy over here, even The Little’s. She even naps on Sundays! A special thank you to Pastor Wayne who week after week delivers awesome messages that hit home! I assure you, Pastor Wayne, her naps are...
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