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The Wooden Spoon by Shelly Rankin – Feb. 6

This week’s column begins on a somber note for our community, one, thankfully, rarely seen here. The last couple weeks. Huh. No words. My heart heavy. My thoughts anxious. For those mourning, for those hurting, for those supporting, for those overcoming, please join me in prayer, my humble attempt anyway. Dear Heavenly Father, As our world feels as...
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The Wooden Spoon by Shelly Rankin – Jan. 30

How about that wind, ‘ey? Wind makes me hungry. Cold makes me thirsty. Actually, just thinking about wind makes me hungry; thinking about the cold makes me thirsty. This week was full of cold and wind. What did we do? We ate. We drank. A lot. Probably too much. You’ll see what I mean. There are...
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