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FARM TO TABLE: Signs of Spring

                Longer days, Lent, March Madness brackets, mud, light jackets, and the first delivery of seed are all things that represent signs of spring. I think they are especially exciting signs for us this year as we eagerly say good-bye to winter. Well, maybe not the muddy roads! However, after seeing and hearing about the floods in...

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THELMA & BONNIE’S: “Have a seat at my table”

Hello everyone and happy March! It is officially spring and that means new possibilities are in the air and warmer weather is on its way.

                At the beginning of March, Blake and I continued our tradition of heading south to visit Grandma Bonnie for a long weekend. Every time we visit,...

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National Pi Day is observed annually on Mar. 14. Math nerds and pun enthusiasts (such as myself) enjoy finding the fun in 3.14, the first three digits of the mathematical constant π (also known and pronounced as Pi).

                Pi, as you learned back in math class (eons ago, right?), is the numerical...

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FROM THE KITCHEN- Hannah DePenning

                This week’s featured cook is Hannah De Penning. Hannah grew up near Kalona and went to school at Mid-Prairie and then Cornell College. She lives in Sully at 205 8th Avenue. She has lived in Sully the past three years and at her current home just over six months. Hannah married Nick De Penning just over...

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FARM TO TABLE: Beef … part of a heart-healthy diet

                By now, I think most of us are rejoicing as we mark the final days of February off the calendar while looking forward to March and spring! The final days of February provide us with an opportunity to talk about heart health as February is National Heart Month as designated by the American Heart Association. 

The Wooden Spoon: For the Love of Food

THello, everyone! I hope this finds you doing well! And hungry! The snow keeps falling, and the kitchen is trying to keep up. Aren't we all?

                Over the past few weeks, I've been able to try and test out a lot of new recipes that I'll share with you all. This...

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National Almond Day February 16

The health benefits of delicious little almonds have been known for centuries. According to, almond trees were being cultivated and blossoming in the lands around the Mediterranean Sea before 4000 B.C. Almonds are even mentioned in the Bible, cited in Genesis 43:11, where Jacob instructs his sons to go to Egypt to buy grain from their...

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