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Dee Zee Spirit – Jan. 23

I doubt that anyone’s daily schedule is as messed up as mine. I haven’t gotten over the habit of getting up very early at 4:30 when it’s still very dark. I either walk into a closed door or stub a toe, sometimes both. I then climb into the shower where the water is sizzling hot or freezing...
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The DeeZee Spirit – Jan. 16

I wonder sometimes why we celebrate birthdays. At the age I am now, I don’t want a party. I’m trying to forget how old I am, not celebrate it. I had one birthday in my life that I was happy about, the 16th. I got a license to drive a car by myself. It was a...
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The DeeZee Spirit – Jan. 9

The wife says that as I’ve gotten older, I’ve become sarcastic. I told her she was wrong. I’ve always been sarcastic! She gave me some examples. When she takes our car out and returns with it dirty, I always say, “I know she’s going to go wash it soon because she hates to drive a dirty...
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From the Desk of Shane Ehresman

By Lynnville-Sully Superintendent Shane Ehresman Pick One Role and Stick to It! Do you attend Lynnville-Sully athletic activities? Do you sit next to a Lynnville-Sully spectator who may question a coaching deci-sion/call/athlete playing time? Do you observe a Lynnville-Sully adult feeling worse than the athlete after a bad play or game? Do you see a Lynnville-Sully fan...
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The DeeZee Spirit – Jan. 2

I went to the Jingle Bell Rock Christmas event in Sully a couple of weeks ago. The parade was a little short but had some very nice entrants. When I started to go through the businesses, I started at the First State Bank. I followed a large group of children in the door. Most of them...
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