The DeeZee Spirit by Darrell Zegers Oct. 10, 2019

I moved into the age group of “Geezer” sometime ago. I have now moved past the Geezer group into the I.H.O.L.I.T.G.A.T.O.O.A.B.P. group. That stands for, “I Have One Leg In The Grave And The Other On A Banana Peel.”

My family tells me I should put away childish things. They might be right, but it’s hard to do.

I’ve owned an old 1954 Ford for decades. The past few years, I decided it did not go fast enough.

I had Bryce Van Der Wilt, a lifelong friend and excellent mechanic, build a motor for the car.

Now it goes faster than I can drive it. (I should say “former friend” after I got the bill!)

I still own two motorcycles. The Harley weighs nearly 1,000 pounds. I was parking it on the wet grass behind my house when one foot slipped, and I laid the beast down on the ground right then and there.

It looked like a wounded water buffalo laying there unable to move. I battled away trying to get the thing back upright on its wheels. I could not even wiggle the wounded monster.

Half the friends I once had are deceased. The other one won’t answer his phone cause he knows I always need help.

So, I tied my old Blazer to the cycle with a chain and tried to stand it up. All it would do was slide on the wet grass. I dragged it around the house twice.

I finally went in the house to get someone to drive the Blazer while I hung onto the handle bars. After some time and a little discussion, the motorcycle was on its wheels again.

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