CANCELLED: Sully community meeting January 11

THE MEETING REFERRED TO IN THE ARTICLE BELOW HAS BEEN CANCELLED. A make-up date will be announced in a future issue of the Hometown Press.

The City of Sully, Sully Betterment Committee, and Sully Hometown Pride Committee will host a community meeting tonight – Thursday, Jan. 11 – at 6:30 p.m. at the Sully Community Center to identify, discuss, and prioritize higher-rated survey items found on the 2017 Sully Community Survey.

The Jan. 11 meeting is not a formal meeting but will be used to discuss information associated with the community survey. No formal action or decisions will be taken or made at the meeting. Greg Heartsill, state representative for Iowa House District 28, will be the moderator of the meeting. The Sully mayor and councilmembers may be in attendance. The meeting is open to the public and will also serve as an opportunity to ask for volunteers to participate in project committees.

The Sully Community Survey, launched in late 2017, was a joint venture between the Sully City Council and Hometown Pride and Betterment Committees and garnered the responses of 290 locals. It was available to Sully residents and non-residents, and asked them to communicate their opinions and priorities regarding the services and needs for the community of Sully.

Of the 290 surveys, 183 (64.7 percent) were submitted by females, 190 (65.5 percent) of the responses were residents of Sully, and 68 (35.8 percent) indicated they had lived in Sully less than 10 years. A report showing each question’s response totals and comments can be viewed through a link on the City of Sully website ( The survey report is available upon request from the Sully City Clerk’s Office in the Sully Community Center.

Five years ago, a similar survey was conducted in Sully.

The survey at the time was instrumental in: 1. Establishing a community non-profit foundation; 2. Upgrading the central park with a new playset, a stage/shelter, and other improvements; 3. Resurfacing of 1st Street; 4. Having “Sully Night Out” events; and 5. Creating a courtyard in the alley between the Coffee Cup Cafe and Sully Health and Professional Center.

Plan now to attend and become involved in the future of the Sully community.

Your input is important and community leaders look forward to meeting with you.

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