Tie for Sully Mayor by write-ins, Lynnville and L-S unopposed candidates elected

With 180 ballots cast at Sully Community Center on the first combined school and city elections in Iowa on Tuesday, Nov. 5, unopposed candidates for the Lynnville City Council positions and Lynnville-Sully School Board were elected. While for Sully Mayor, unofficial results are a tie by write-in for mayor, 39 each for current mayor Brent Vander Molen and former mayor Gordon Yarrington. Jeff Burkett was elected with 44 write-in votes as a Sully Councilmember and Josh Foster listed on the ballot was elected with 103 votes.

Receiving 19 votes each for Lynnville City Council were incumbents mayor Roy James and councilmembers Mark Newberg and Kevin Arment.

No absentee ballots were cast for the Sully Mayor position so the tie unofficially stands until the canvass of the election by the Jasper County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday, Nov. 12.

According to the Iowa Code, if there is a tie vote, “the board of supervisors must draw lots.” The candidate drawn has 10 days from the canvass to present a letter of resignation to the city clerk if they don’t wish to take the position. Then the next vote-getter will be declared the winner with same 10-day process to accept or resign. If neither accepts, the council can appoint someone to fill the position.

For the Lynnville-Sully School Board, incumbent Tammy Vos received 173 votes while newcomers David R. Foster received 127 votes and Amanda Jones had 154 votes. Write-ins were for incumbents who did not seek reelection, Tim Dunsbergen with 16 and Steph Young with six votes.

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