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Press INKlings: Glorious summer officially here

By the calendar, summer is officially here even though it has seemed like summer earlier since we’ve had temperatures near 100 this spring. Local kids have already had almost a month of summer vacation from school. It’s a glorious time of the year. Glorious isn’t a word we use much except maybe when singing at...
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The DeeZee Spirit by Darrell Zegers – 6-22-17

Father’s Day is over. My children, grandchildren, and their dogs and cats all came to my home to wish me a happy Father’s Day and to eat. They all like this weird vegetable called kohlrabi. They send me to the garden to pull and clean these miserable vegetables. I was out in the sun working and...
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Press INKlings: Sad and friendship English words

I think I’ve probably loved words since I learned to talk. Not that talking is or was my strong point. I’d much rather write my thoughts than try to speak them. I found that out rather clearly in college when Speech 101 was a required course for a communications major. It wasn’t my worst class...
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Press INKlings: Why do we do these things?

I’ve been sent a few things that seem appropriate to share during a week with one less work day due to a holiday. The title of this is “Why, Why, Why?”
  • Why do we press harder on a remote control when we know the batteries are almost dead?
  • Why do banks charge a fee on “insufficient...
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Press INKlings: Another shade of blue, really?

Most of you probably have no idea, but the shades of blue are numerous and quite often in printing in color, create a nightmare. The Crayola company is adding to the nightmare. Remember when blue was the color choice in your box of crayons? It was the color for water, and it was the color for...
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Press INKlings: Congratulations, Class of 2017!

To the Class of 2017, May is the month that finds many of the flowers opening their buds to display the best they have to offer and, in a way, our schools are opening their doors to display the best they have to offer – their graduating classes. Graduation day is probably one of the few...
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Press INKlings: Advice for my girls on Mother’s Day

To my adult daughters on Mother’s Day, A few years ago, I clipped an article a father wrote to his adult sons on Father’s Day, wrote at the top “Do for Mother’s Day some day,” and filed it away. I found it recently, and “some day” is here. I stole the idea because I really like...
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