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Weird Animals: SCRC and SFRC VBS

God filled the world with a lot of crazy creatures, including all of the children in grades kindergarten through sixth grade who attended the Sully Christian Reformed and First Reformed Churches’ Vacation Bible School July 7-10. The four-day Bible school held in the evenings centered around the theme “Weird Animals, Where Jesus’ Love Is One-Of-A-Kind”...
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The Wooden Spoon by Shelly Rankin – 7/17/2014

What a week last week was! We had our ups, downs, and even sideways. From first fevers to crawling to first antibiotic to free coffee tying it all together. Had I known how my Friday was going to unfold, I would have never ventured out, but that’s the great adventure of life, right? Not knowing...
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The DeeZee Spirit by Darrell Zegers – 7/17/14

I am still learning some things around the house and yard, now that I’m retired! One of my outside duties is trimming bushes and a hedge that goes all the way in front of the house. I knew there were two trimmers in the garage. One was electric that had to have an electrical cord attached...
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The Wooden Spoon by Shelly Rankin – 7/10/14

It’s official. The Scrumptious Little’s French name is Onree. The American spelling is Ornery. Thought you should know in case you see her at some point within the next foreseeable future. Babies learn fast. Nobody warned us about this. We’ve always heard they are little birds just watching your every move, but when you see...
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The Wooden Spoon by Shelly Rankin – 7/3/14

Oh, the sound of sweet thunder rolling. There’s nothing much better than an afternoon storm and naps. The Scrumptious Little completely agrees with this as she’s attempting to tackle hour three of nap time. She likes a good challenge so I’m most certainly rooting for her. I tapped out after a two-hour nap. It was...
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The Wooden Spoon by Shelly Rankin – 6/26/14

With all the endless food choices out there from MSG to whole wheat pasta to almond milk, I found this funny I must share with you all. How true?! Did I really just call MSG a food choice? [caption id="attachment_59079" align="alignright" width="278"]I found this funny I must share with you all. Read more
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