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Ballpark Memories

As part of the dedication of Al Terpstra Field during Lynnville Day on Saturday, June 17, local residents – young and old alike – shared their memories from the ballpark. The ballpark will continue to be a memory-maker under its new name of Al Terpstra Field. “I remember our all-stars championship.” – Reagan McFarland   “Our by-one-point championship two...
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Glorious summer officially here

This week’s featured cook, Rhonda Pool, was an organic cook years before it was even popular. “My husband, Tom, was quite the hunter,” said Rhonda. “We often ate deer meat and pheasant while our children were growing up. Also, our son, Jay, was a wrestler, so we ate very healthy meals while he was trying to...
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Middle schoolers experience the Nation’s Capital

After over a year of fundraising efforts, including selling the World’s Finest Chocolate, spreading mulch for the Garden Thyme Club, holding a bake sale, and bussing tables at Pizza Ranch, a group of 20 seventh- and eighth-grade Lynnville-Sully students embarked on a trip of a lifetime to Washington, D.C. The students, along with teachers Mike Parkinson...
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The Wooden Spoon by Shelly Rankin – 6/15/17

Greetings, readers! Now that we're officially in the full swing of summer mode, I thought it best to use this soap box to stress the importance of motorcycle safety, for riders and fellow drivers, and maybe refresh your memory boxes on the rules of the road. This was taken from a 1962 Honda Motorcycle Instruction Book.
  1. At...
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The Dee Zee Spirit by Darrell Zegers – 6/15/17

I know everyone is talking about how hot it is. It actually gets quite boring, but I’m a boring man, so I have a few things to say about it and who knows what else. I have several cars. Most are clunkers. Two of them have no air conditioning. Those two will not be seen on...
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From the Kitchen: Ciara McDonald

Four years ago, Ciara McDonald and her husband, Ryan, were living a world away in Cambodia. This week’s featured cook and her husband worked for a non-profit organization in southeast Asia. “Ryan worked on a village farm trying to teach sustainable agriculture and farming on a small scale,” explained Ciara. “He wanted to teach the natives...
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The Wooden Spoon by Shelly Rankin – 6/1/17

The time has come, we meet again! As I write this, the kids are roaming free outside. But don't worry, it's a nanny state here at the Rankins’. I have cameras watching their every move. When did that become a thing? We just don't let kids play outside alone. Oh, I think Harvey just got...
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