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From the Kitchen: Jess Vander Molen

Jess Vander Molen of Sully vividly remembers a cooking disaster that nearly sent her house up in flames. While she would have been in good hands considering her husband Josh is an EMT and volunteer member of the Sully Fire and Ambulance Department, it is a memory that has kept her from ever heating oil on...
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October 8 is National Fluffernutter Day

I’ll be brutally honest here. I’d never heard of a Fluffernutter until I looked at the October National Days Calendar. Feeling strongly compelled to click on the link, thinking that it was some kind of cutesy bird, I was in head-shaking mode when I found out this was a sandwich: “Fluffer” for marshmallow fluff, “nutter”...
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Thelma & Bonnies: Have a seat at my table

Hello, everyone! I hope you all are enjoying the beginning of the school year. Even though I do not have any reason to purchase school supplies, I still find the need to buy fresh sticky notes and a full set of highlighters. Although I don’t use them for taking notes anymore, they do come in...
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From the Kitchen of Sabrina Smead

Sabrina Smead of rural Newton has developed a routine on Sunday afternoons after church that keeps her family’s busy weeks a little less chaotic. The mother of four growing boys takes her thoughtfully compiled and budget-friendly grocery list to Hy-Vee and purchases all she needs for a week of quick yet healthy meals. She then...
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Recipes from the left-handed perspective

Recipes from the left-handed perspective   Aug. 13 was International Left Handers Day, a day founded in 1992 in the United Kingdom to celebrate the uniqueness of southpaws, or people who have mastered using their predominant left hands in a right-handed world. I, myself am right-handed, but have lived my life sandwiched in between two lefties: My...
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Thelma & Bonnie’s: Have a Seat at My Table

Good morning, all! I am writing this week’s article from the breakfast table on our family vacation. I will be returning the week everyone is reading it, so instead of listening to waves crash in the morning, I will be enjoying a cup of coffee at my own kitchen table. Sorry! I had to pause for a...
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